English Projects

In the wake of Sol

Susan was sitting in front of the fireplace, embroidering as usual.
Outside, the snow was falling softly and silently.
Her dog, Delia, was lying on the carpet and watching the flickering flames of the fire, warming.
The doorbell rang. Delia jumped up and ran to the door,barking.
Susan got up quietly and went to the door.
“Roger!” exclaimed, opening the door and hugging her husband tightly.
“Hey..hello sweetie. It’s freezing out there.” he said, taking off his coat and closing the door. “Hi Delia!! Who’s my favourite dog? Huh? You are..yes, you are!!” said then, cuddling the lovable creature with the tail that was rattling everywhere, seriously threatening all the ornaments placed on a little table nearby.
Roger let himself sank down in his armachair.
“Look,Rog!” Susan said, entering in the room with a big smile on her face and an embroided doily in her hands. “Isn’t it lovely? Shasha made it for us.”
“It’s adorable,honey.”
“I think so. How was work today?”
” Horrible. If this terrible snow continues, working will become a serious problem.”
“Oh,dear. Don’t be sad.. Fred and Carl will always be by your side and, furthrmore, weather forecasts look good.”
“You’re right,honey. I shouldn’t be so negative.”
Susan kissed him on his lips.
“I made hot chocolate. Do you want some?”
“Why not. After a day like this an hot chocolate is what it takes to fell better” he said, smiling to her.
Susan disappeared in the kitchen. When she came back, she was holding two steaming cups of hot chocolate.
“Here it’s your chocolate,dear.”
“Thank you,sweetheart. How about your day?”
“Mr. Sanderson was really in a bad mood today. I did proof-read for ten times and then he demanded me to delete them. He yelled at me for all the afternoon. Thinking of Judy makes me so sad.”
“His wife. You should see her,poor thing. She’s always running everywhere as a waitress. He’s really bad with her. Well, excluding this episode, everything was fine,thank you. Sasha came here three hours ago and gave me this wonderful doily. She’s so kind. I invited her, his husband and Louise for tea, on Thursday. I hope you’ll not busy and that you’ll come.”
“I shouldn’t have any appointment on Thursday. What’s this?” Roger said, taking a letter from the shelf.
“Oh. That’s from John”
“Your brother? I thought he hated us.”
“Don’t be angry. This is his way to restore the contacts with the family. We’re not talking since I live here, which is two years now.”
” Yes, two years during which he’d not taken care of write to you, call you or get in touch with us! Not even when you were hospitalized! The only letter he wrote to you was full of  insults.”
” Well, this is not. He wrote that he wants to fix things with us, apologise and maybe come here to visit us.”
“And you? What did you say?”
“I phoned him. We talked a little. He told me that he’s getting married.. I guess. He did a strange speech about his relationship with a stripper in Queens..I decided not to analyse the facts. I told him, I’d talk with you about this situation.”
“Good. I’m glad you informed me..because I don’t want even talk about it.”
“Oh,come on,Roger! Like it or not he’s still my brother!”
“I won’t accept the fact that your mad,foolish brother comes here as if nothing had happened after they way he treated you!”
” Oh,honey, please. It’s just for one evening. People can change..”
” You’re too good, Susan, that’s the truth. And you’re so naive,sweetie. God only knows what does he want from you this time.”
“Oh, dear,please..”
“OK.” sighed Roger ” One night. And if he’s not changed, as I’m sure it is.., don’t even try to ask me again for a thing like this.”
” Oh, thank you! Thank you! I knew you wouldn’t disappointed me!” she said, hugging him tight. Then she ran upstairs to phone to her brother. “Hello? John? Yes, it’s me,Sue. Excuse me for the time. Roger said that’s OK for dinner. What about Saturday? Awesome!”
Roger sat down and starting massaging his temples with his fingers. This dinner didn’t promise anything good.


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